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The website, and all its sub-parts is a service provided by the STIF.

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Publishing Director : Laurent PROBST

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This site is hosted by Prosodie (

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This site has been developed by Sword (

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The site employs Navitia technology to calculate routes, timetables and transport nearby, developed by Canal TP (

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The site was designed by Attoma (


The schematic maps for transportation network were designed by Latitude Cartagène (

The district maps were designed by the STIF. They are based on data : IGN (, IAU (, APUR ( and STIF.

The maps on the site are carried out using ArcGis technology(

Respect the law  "information technology, files and civil liberties"

In accordance with the law 78-17 of 6 January, 1978 concerning information technology, files and civil liberties, this website has been registered with the "Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés" (CNIL).

No personal information is provided to others. Informations are collected only for: 

  • first, store your routes, stops and usual lines in order to simplify your use of the website and to avoid recapture (these data will be kept two years without use).
  • Secondly, to manage requests and internal statistics for the STIF.

In accordance with the law 78-17 of 6 January, 1978 concerning information technology, files and civil liberties, anyone with personal informations on this website has rights to access, modify, correct or delete these informations.

These rights can be exercised by a written request sent to the following address :

39 bis – 41 rue de Châteaudun
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Tél : 01-47-53-28-00
Or via the form at the Contact us section.

Intellectual property rights

The entirety of the STIF website vianavigo  including all text and graphic is covered by French and international law regarding intellectual property rights and copyright.  Reproduction of text on this site is exceptionally authorised in paper format for pedagogical purposes only and is subject to three conditions: : that it be disseminated free of charge, that it respect the integrity of the documents reproduced and a clear and readable reference at the website address as the information source.

Current French law protects the content and the database structure of the site. Any unauthorised copying of these elements, whether it is quantitative or qualitative, may lead to legal action. Any copying of all or part of this site, outside of the conditions detailed above, including logos and brands registered with French intellectual property agencies, will be considered as infringement.

For unauthorized use, outside of the conditions detailed, thank you to contact us via the form on the page contact us.



This website is for information only. it does not provide travel tickets.  

The informations contained within the website are supplied for information purposes only. The informations on timetables, routes, traffic, fares or others were provided by transport operators and are under their own responsibility.

The STIF is not responsible for errors due to inaccurate informations provided by operators, including timetables delivered to the STIF which would be false

So the STIF can not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided on the date mentioned.

The website is frequently updated by STIF according to timetables changes provided by the operators. However, updates can take some time after the effective application of new timetables. This period depends on the date of notification of new timetables by the operators and also on the uncompressible time between website updates (weekly update).

Any decision taken by a website user based on information displayed will be under his sole responsibility. "

Plan journey

"Timetables indicated on the website do not include potential disruptions, whatever their cause, on the public transport network for the Ile-de-France region. STIF accepts no responsibility in this respect".


"The STIF organization reserves the right to invest responsibility of any author of a hyperlink who :

  • do not request prior the approval from the STIF or has override the STIF refusal, regarding the use of a link to a page other than the home page,
  • do not respect the copyrights on the components of the website and the intellectual property rights in general , especially by using brand mentioned in the website.
  • do not clearly identify the contents of each site (source and target) in order to avoid confusion in the minds of users.

Any use, in a web page code source or in a website, of a brand, company name, or more generally a distinctive sign appearing on this site is an infringement wich may result legal prosecution".

French legislation concerning the rights of access to computer files

"Any user of this website, who has delivered personal informations, has right to modify, correct or delete these informations (in accordance with the law 78-17 of 6 January, 1978, item 34, concerning information technology, files and civil liberties). To use it, you should contact ::
39 bis – 41 rue de Châteaudun
75009 Paris
Tél : 01-47-53-28-00
Or via the form at the Contact us section.

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You can refuse the registration of cookies by configuring your browser".