My easy access transports

My easy access transports

Would you like to find an itinerary suited to your needs and constraints?

Whether you have trouble moving around, are in a wheelchair or with a child in a stroller or with luggage, we are here to help you.

Online, by telephone or in the station, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will tell you about our solutions and systems suited to your needs.

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Making transport accessible to all persons of reduced mobility (PRM) is a priority in the infrastructure work IDFM decides to implement, manage and finance as well as in its choice of rolling stock.

IDFM, the Region and carriers are partners in this process. The process continues on a daily basis so all passengers can travel more easily.

In the accessible stations, lots of open access equipment has been installed: lifts, escalators, wider passageways for ticket validation, etc.

Public address systems, information screens and other equipment present in stations and on vehicles also help provide an increasingly accessible network.