School transport for handicapped students

School transport for handicapped students

What is the accessible school transport service?

You are enrolled at school and suffer from a disability? You are a parent of a disabled child? IDFM has implemented the accessible school transport service. We cover your school transport costs if you are a disabled student or apprentice and you can’t use public transport, either due to their unsuitability or due to the seriousness of your disability.

Can you benefit from this service?

To benefit from the accessible school transport service, you must be domiciled in Ile-de-France and enrolled in a general education or vocational school, public or private under contract (for students), an apprenticeship training centre (for apprentices) or a higher education institution under the supervision of the Minister in charge of education and the Minister in charge of higher education or the Minister of Agriculture (for students).

Contact the Maison départementale du Handicap (MDPH) (County Disabled Persons Office) for your domicile and ask it to send you a favourable opinion concerning IDFM’s coverage of your transport.

You will find all the information and documents concerning the service in the dedicated section (of IDFM portal).

How does this service work?

Except in special cases, the coverage concerns a daily roundtrip during the school period. It can take several forms:

- We can implement a transport service (ambulance, transport company with accessible vehicles and light duty vehicles), depending on the domicile, the school address and the student’s specific needs.

- We reimburse the trips made with your personal vehicle. This reimbursement is done based on a kilometre rate established by IDFM, upon presentation of an attendance affidavit from the school.

- We also reimburse the transport expenses incurred by the family. This reimbursement is made upon presentation of paid invoices and an attendance affidavit from the school.