Carpooling services in Île-de-France

Carpooling services in Ile-de-France

Would you like to save time on your home-to-work commute? Do you occasionally need to travel in Île-de-France in the evening or the weekend, but you don’t have a car? A new and unexpected travel that requires several connections on public transport? Why not try carpooling, an economical, friendly and ecological mode of transport.

There are several carpooling services and there is one for all tastes: traditional carpooling, which make it easy for you to find car routes in return for a small financial participation; community carpooling services, based on common interests (parents of students, neighbours, etc.); and ride hailing, synonym of liberty, spontaneity and often free or virtually free.

All you have to do is make your choice!

Traditional carpooling


For occasional or regular carpooling, save by sharing the expenses of a trip thanks to iDVROOM! This service connects drivers with passengers on their everyday trips and offers carpooling from a network of more than 140 companies and local authorities. Return guarantee, free electronic toll badge, etc.: carpooling pioneer since 10 years and SNCF 100% subsidiary since 2013, iDVROOM was the first web and mobile daily carpooling solution for short distances in France.

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Roulez Malin

RoulezMalin is a general public free carpooling platform offered by Covio. It is the largest independent community of carpoolers in France. RoulezMalin is suited to both occasional trips (long distance or events) and daily trips (home-to-work/studies, solidarity transport, leisure, supplement to public transport, etc.).

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WayzUp is the largest home-to-work carpooling network in Ile-de-France. Download the iPhone / Android smartphone application and find the carpoolers (drivers or passengers) on your route and at your times. WayzUp takes care of everything to organise your carpooling and lets you share your expenses fairly online.

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The Clem’ carpooling solution lets you share your daily trips with your car or one of our cars in car-sharing. This is a local carpooling platform, between pre-determined hubs, that lets users share trips to or from the territory’s stations. You optimise your trips by making them more economical, friendly and ecological. The reservation can be made on the Internet in advance or in real time, or directly at the station if it is connected and equipped with a screen.

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Karos is an intelligent carpooling assistant: this application learns your travel needs and automatically proposes the best means of reaching your destination, by combining carpooling and public transport. It is ultra simple to organise and the cost sharing is done directly in the application.

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Community-based carpooling services


Hopways is a platform to connect parents so they can share their trips with their children, whether to school, extracurricular activities, competitions, etc. Users are rated according to 3 criteria: punctuality - reciprocity - safety. The advantage of this service, apart from creating an active community of accompanying parents, is the search engine. A veritable precision geographic and time tool, it is the core around which a reliable and safe network of human, and why not friendly, exchanges is formed.

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PROXiiGEN lets you connect with neighbours, share information, offer and find short distance carpooling, exchange services, lend or borrow objects, promote an event or a good address, etc. And 1001 other ideas, services and sharing for a local and entirely free collaborative economy!

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Ride hailing 2.0


The 1st ride-hailing application for your daily trips: OuiHop connects, in real time, pedestrians with drivers who are passing nearby and going in the same direction. 100% mobile, 100% instantaneous. Are you interested by a car passing near you? Notify the driver so he stops to pick you up. It is easy and with no constraints. Three free trips per month and unlimited pass for €2/month.

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Rezo Pouce

REZO POUCE was the first ride hailing network organised in France. With REZO POUCE you don’t have to make an appointment: it is when you want, where you want. The principle is simple: you register for free on the Internet or at the town hall and you go to a "Pouce stop" when you need to go somewhere. In less than 10 minutes* a driver going in the same direction as you will stop to carry you. (* average waiting time)

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COVOIT’ICI was the first daily public carpooling service. Passengers can go to a carpooling station and request a destination on a terminal where they then obtain a ticket. No prior reservation is required. Similarly, drivers can participate spontaneously, and without any constraint, if the destination is on their route. The ticket makes the expense sharing paperless and lets the driver cash the payment via their COVOIT’ICI account.
Five carpooling stations are available in the 95 and 78 Départements (Counties) and 14 others are in the process of being opened.

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