Travel by bike

Travel by bike

Do you often ride a bicycle and would like to know the existing services available to you?

  • For those who ride a bicycle to their station, IDFM has implemented the Véligo service: free access shelters or secure shelters to park your bicycle close to approximately 60 stations in Île-de-France.
  • For people who don’t have a bicycle but like this mode of transport, self-service bicycle stations are available in Paris, the inner suburbs, Créteil and in the urban area of Cergy-Pontoise.
  • Finally, the ViaNavigo itinerary calculator now incorporates bicycle friendly routes plus the real time availability of self-service bicycles.
Developed by IDFM, the Véligo project was co-financed and implemented with the transport operators or the municipalities.

Discover Véligo

You bike to the station and would like to park your bicycle nearby?

IDFM provides Véligo parking shelters near train or bus stations.

Two types of Véligo shelters are offered: "open-access parking shelters" and "enclosed parking shelters".

Véligo open-access parking shelters let you park your bicycle near a train or bus station while protecting it from bad weather.

Véligo open-access shelters are open to everyone free of charge.

You can park your bicycle in free spots.

To secure your bicycle, you have to lock your frame and wheels to the available arches or racks with a suitable and solid anti-theft lock.

The secure parking shelters let you park your bicycle near a station with peace of mind. The secure parking shelters are accessible with a Navigo card credited with a valid transport ticket. These shelters are protected by video surveillance and can offer supplementary services (pumping station, electric recharge outlets for electric assist bicycles, etc.).

You must have a Navigo card with a valid Navigo subscription.

To learn more about the registration details and specific conditions of using the Véligo service, don’t hesitate to consult the information panel installed on the main facade of the secure parking shelters or on the IDMF website.

Prices vary between 10 and 30 euros per year, depending on the secure parking shelter chosen.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the secure shelter of your choice for one year.

When you subscribe to the Véligo service, you only have access to the secure shelter you subscribed to. If you would like access to several secure shelters, you have to make several distinct subscriptions.

Reserve your spot now! Since the number of spots is limited, they will be attributed as requests are received.

The Véligo secure parking shelters are available in many train and bus stations in Île-de-France.

Discover the interactive map of Véligo secure parking shelters and other useful information (number of spots, subscription contact, etc.).

Discover self-service bicycles

Do you like to travel by bicycle but you don’t own one? Self-service bicycles are at your disposal!

Self-service bicycles are accessible to anyone who wants to travel by bicycle, whether you are a Parisian, live in the Ile-de-France or are simply a visitor.

Nevertheless, there are age conditions. For more information about this subject, enquire directly with the different self-service bicycle operators.

There are nearly 1,800 self-service bicycle stations in Paris and some of the towns in the inner ring, with the Vélib’ service.

You can also find 41 self-service stations in Cergy-Pontoise (VélO2) and 10 in Créteil (Cristolib’).

When you search "Nearby" on our site, we tell you the self-service bicycle stands located nearby plus the real-time availability of bicycles and the number of free spots where you can drop off the bicycle you have borrowed.

You can also consult the Vélib’, VélO2 and Cristolib’ websites.

Finally the Vélib’, VélO2 and Cristolib’ applications are available on the App Store (iPhone) and Play Store (Android) to help you use the service everyday!

Borrow a bicycle

Go to the bike stand of the station of your choice.

If you have an annual subscription, you can borrow a bicycle with your Navigo card or your subscriber card.

If you are an occasional user, you can use your bank card or buy your transport ticket online to save time at the bike stand where all you will have to do is identify yourself with the code provided during the online purchase, before taking the bicycle.

Drop off a bicycle

Go to the bike stand of the station of your choice.

Insert the Vélib’ in the empty bike stand’s locking mechanism. Wait for the signal (luminous or audible) before you leave to make sure the bike is properly locked in. If the signal lasts too long your bicycle is improperly locked.

Don’t forget that you are responsible for the last bicycle in your possession. Thus make sure you lock it correctly before leaving the parking stand.

If you have a problem borrowing or dropping off a bicycle, contact the services concerned directly.

Finally, to learn about all the possibilities available to you at the bike stands, don’t hesitate to consult directly the websites of the self-service bicycle services concerned.

You can choose among several subscription formulas: 1-day ticket, 7-day ticket, annual subscription, etc.

Whatever formula chosen, the first 30 minutes are free each time you borrow a bicycle. Beyond the first 30 minutes, you have to pay an additional amount. Discounts are offered for certain types of public.

To learn more about the different subscriptions and prices offered, consult the dedicated websites.

Learn more about Velib’ prices

Learn more about Vélo2 prices

Learn more about Cristolib prices

You can cumulate the different Vélib’, Cristolib’ et VélO2 subscriptions on your Navigo card.

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